Why digital marketing matters!

2018-09-26 | IN   General, Digital Marketing, Advertising | BY Team Migaloo

Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Now think of a person that still don’t believe in digital marketing. Have a specific person in mind? Good. The fact is that some people are just stuck in their old ways and they missed the train to digital town. The reasons for missing the train? 1. They didn’t care about buying a ticket. 2. And they still don’t give a sh*t about the train today. Still thinking of the same person? Excellent.

At first glance adopting a digital marketing strategy can feel both overwhelming and intimidating. Investing time and money in something new is not exactly an epic argument to win over a sceptic. So how do you win over the non-believer? First of all. You start singing Journey – Don’t Stop Believing. (Not the Glee version though.) This is called a distraction. Now you drop the facts harder than Apple fans dismisses a new Samsung.

Fact 1. The competition is running circles around you
Ok, just because you’re not using digital marketing, you can bet all your money in the bank that your competitors are. This is giving them the advantage. It’s like this, you showed them all the cards you’re holding, and your competitors can now play you in any way they prefer to. In plain English? They are targeting your shared target audience. And they are doing it better than you because you still believe that the world is ruled by paper.

Fact 2. Monologue is dead. Say hi to dialogue
Building brand loyalty is done in many ways. One of the ways is by inviting your audience to a dialogue through digital marketing. Interact with your customers on social media. Develop content that engages conversation. It’s a new world and it’s built on interacting on various platforms. Want to be the one sitting in the corner all quiet? Or do you want to be the one standing and talking to different persons? The choice is yours my friend.

Fact 3. You’ll actually understand your audience
Tech, tools and gadgets. Digital marketing offers a big magician’s hat where all sorts of rabbits can be summoned from. Analyzing your customers preferences and behaviour makes you understand your customers better, which at the end of the day helps you tailor your campaigns for higher results and better engagement. And the little thing called SEO, what a beautiful and nifty thing that is.

Fact 4. There are lots of people on the internet
One of the many strengths digital marketing offers is the possibility to target exactly the consumers that are interested in your products and services. Allowing you to take the guess work out of the equation. The magazine ad peddlers may sell the concept of targeted marketing, but in comparison with digital marketing they have nothing to offer. Let’s face it. The best print ad in the most prestige newspaper can’t fight the power of continuous engaging content in social media and e-mail campaigns. Talk to the ones who matters. That's what matters.

Fact 5. It's the opposite of a money pit
It’s true. It’s damn true. Digital marketing is however by no means free. But it cuts the high costs such as ad space, printing and more. With digital marketing you create your own space for advertising. Sure, boosting posts on Facebook costs money. And advertising on Instagram to reach a wider audience than your own followers costs money. But the costs are significally smaller than traditional marketing. And you can pinpoint exactly who to target in a much more specific way. Going digital can – and will save you money. You think about that for as long as you need.

Many things that can be said about digital marketing. But when all is said done, it’s about the customers finding you, instead of you chasing them. Digital marketing is in a state of constant evolution, which makes your strategies dynamic and forces you to revise them more often than with traditional marketing.  But at the same time it offers the possibility to stay ahead of the curve and lead the way instead of looking at it from the backseat.


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