Why you should use video for your content marketing in 2018

2018-11-08 | IN   Content Marketing, Video marketing | BY Team Migaloo

Video killed the radio star! Thinking about using video for your content marketing? You most definitely should.  Why? Well, "video first" is a term coined by Facebook that refers to a growing phenomenon: consumers not only want to consume video, but also produce it. In short, it's about moving from the text to the video and an excellent way to get closer to your audience than ever before.



Did you know that 13% of web traffic from video comes directly from live videos? There are several reasons for the popularity of streaming live, here are some:

  • It’s cheap since it doesn’t require a big production equipment and time for editing.
  • Users spend three times longer watching live vides compared to pre-recorded videos.
  • It signals authenticity and spontaneity.



For all you angry “flip-the-phone-whiners”, we got some news for your. Compared to horizontal, square footage occupies 78% more space in the Facebook news. The easy explanation is that we while we used to do video marketing thinking in horizontal terms, phones and tablets have gotten us to think vertical. So the next time when you are about to scream about that your homie is holding the phone wrong – relax and fuggetaboutit.



Remember the old days where video content consisted of a crew of people with thousands dollars of equipment? Those days are over. Today you actually have the power of creating amazing content in the palm of your hand in the form of your smartphone. If you you want to crank it up a notch, get a microphone, an editing program and start creating. It's also worth noting that hiring a crew today is cheaper since there are more options thanks to the advances of technology in cameras and similar equipment.



  • 85% of videos are played without sound on Facebook. Therefore, you should look into subtitles or overprints for your videos.
  • Using the word "video" in the subject of an email increases the view-rate by 19% (Source: Syndacast).
  • Almost 50% of Internet users are looking for videos related to a product or service before going to the store (source: ThinkWithGoogle).
  • 48% additional marketers are considering adding YouTube to their content strategy next year (Source: Hubspot)

So yes, video did kill the radio star. And is here to stay. By using video in your content marketing you could be looking at new target groups and retargeting old customers that prefers video over the form of content you produce today. And video is fun. Remember that. Video is so much fun.


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