Difference between employer branding and recruitment marketing

2018-10-10 | IN   General, Advertising, Employer Branding, Recruitment marketing | BY Team Migaloo

Employer branding and recruitment marketing. Chances are that you encountered both of these buzzy words when talking about recruitment. But hey, wait, come on, is it really necessary to know the difference between these? Probably. Because if you can make them work together you can unlock their full potential. But first you have to get a clear understanding of what they actually mean.

It is exactly what it sounds like. It's the process of creating and most important maintaining your company's employer brand – the reputation of your company as an employer. If you want to call it street cred. That's fine with us.

The end game here is to present your company as a place of work desired by many which means attracting high-quality candidates. Your employer brand should also reflect the 5 blocks of your employee value proposition (EVP).

Having the reputation of being a good employer that offers an awesome place to work at is what makes you stand out. This is your goal. And remember. It takes time som build a reputation. It takes seconds to tear it down. So be nice to people, it pays off.

Employer branding is key to attracting top talent and improves on the time and money spent on hiring people. According to a survey by LinkedIn 75% of candidates will research your company's reputation before applying. If they don't like what they see, 69% will not apply. And here is a real interesting insight **drumroll please** they won't apply - EVEN if they are unemployed. How about that...

This is not rocket science. It's actually pretty logical. Recruitment marketing is the application of marketing to present your employer brand. This is done in various media channels such as social media, career blogs, networking events and many more.

It's about spreading the right message to the right people with the goal to attract talent and get the best candidates to apply for any open positions. Remember the (good!?!) old days when you posted your vacant positions on different job boards, made a cup of coffee and waited for the applications to start pouring in? Those days are over friends. You need to actively find the persons you want to hire. Start building relationships with potential employees today. Because if you don’t, you can be sure that your competitors are already doing it.

Ok, so let’s summarise this. Employer branding is the process of defining your company's employer brand. Recruitment marketing is the process of promoting your company's employer brand. Both are important. Very important. 


Speaking of promoting, since we are partners with Teamtailor we offer services in both recruitment marketing and employer branding.



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